Tech @ Sugarbox Networks

Sugarbox Networks is the world’s first, patented Hyperlocal CDN (Content Delivery Network). We build our own hardware systems, software applications and even the Operating System!

Through our trials, failures, and eventual successes, we endeavour to make access to digital content and services a breeze, for our consumers and customers, internet or no internet.

CDN’s are a key part of the internet infrastructure, which work to cache data as close as possible to the end-user. This technology enables the end-consumer to experience any content or page in few seconds.

To understand this and design growth, we need brilliant minds that will help us work on the unique Tech-stack that Sugarbox is.

Teams at Sugarbox

Tech Backbone Overlords

This team is responsible for the hardware stack to form the Hyperlocal CDN. The architecture, network planning, maintenance, and upkeep of Edge servers along with other network components like Access Points, Switches, Routers. are part of this team.

Polyglot Tinkering Mages

This team works on developing applications across Edge, Backend, Mobile and Web to support the Hyperlocal CDN stack. Tech stack includes Go, Node.js, Java, Python, Cassandra, Redis, MySQL.

User Journey Masters

Creating a visual identity and impeccable user experience for Sugarbox users, across the ecosystem, with insights based on user research - are few of the big buckets resting with team Design.

Visionary mini-CEOs

This team is at the epicenter of Business and Tech Org at Sugarbox. Aligning product roadmap as per business goals, defining tech deliverables against requirements, designing systems to help achieve scale, are few of the important KRAs for the team.


Sugarbox Tech Stack